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The Bennington, Fine art sales galleries, Wind Sculptures, Covered Bridge Museum, and a permanent collection of wildlife and Native American art and artifacts

Native American Arts

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Zuni Fetish - Wolves

Double Wolf - Fetish 2.jpg
Double Wolf - Fetish.jpg
Double Wolf - Fetish 2.jpg
Double Wolf - Fetish.jpg

Zuni Fetish - Wolves


Jet and Alabaster Wolves with Medicine bundle

Wolves often symbolize teachers or pathfinders, the sharing of your knowledge, a never ending journey.

Artist: Jasper Prudia Quam

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Tied to the back of many fetishes are medicine bundles with sinew. Coral in the bundle represents ocean life, blue represents birds, black represents night creatures, brown is earth, and white is winter. Some fetishes have an inlaid stone arrow. It is called a lifeline or a heart line. Beginning at the mouth where breath gives life, it points to the soul where faith and inner strength preside. The arrow that is placed on the fetish is given for protection and good luck. Zuni fetishes are not manufactured nor are they produced on demand. Each carving is a handmade work of art.