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44 Gypsy Ln
Bennington, Vermont, 05201
United States


The Bennington, Fine art sales galleries, Wind Sculptures, Covered Bridge Museum, and a permanent collection of wildlife and Native American art and artifacts

Tail Feathers.jpg

The Floyd Scholz Carving Collection

Bird Carving images by Ian Wright Photography

In 2004 The Bennington was given yet another outstanding collection of art – the bird carvings of Master Carver Floyd Scholz. Drs. Myron and Karin Yanoff were introduced to Bennington and the Laumeisters by Scholz. The couple was interested in finding a home for their thirteen carvings and being impressed by what the Laumeisters were doing for the town and the art community they generously donated the works. The Bennington now has a gallery dedicated to Scholz birds and his carvings capture the birds’ likenesses so successfully that patrons never cease to be in awe of his work.

Scholz had previously taught workshops near his home in central Vermont but The Bennington is very proud to now host his workshops throughout the summer to students that come from around the country to learn from this extremely talented artist.

Floyd Scholz 2016 Seminar Schedule at The Bennington:

Life-size Osprey on Driftwood base! (Experienced Carvers only): October 16th - October 28th

Life-size Redtailed Hawk (Intermediate to advanced): November 6th - November 16th


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