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44 Gypsy Ln
Bennington, Vermont, 05201
United States


The Bennington, Fine art sales galleries, Wind Sculptures, Covered Bridge Museum, and a permanent collection of wildlife and Native American art and artifacts


American Women Artists: National Juried Show

September 23rd- November 14th





Oil on linen    28" x 24" framed (24" x 20" unframed)

“One of my favorite parts of the process of creating art is the planning stage, when anything could happen and the creative energy just wells up inside my brain. When starting the process of beginning a painting or drawing, I often have a flash of the feeling of the work. It may be the main color used, or the type of flower, or the emotional content, but something will jar my mind and get me thinking. If I am painting something living, like flowers, I have to move quickly through the early stages and get started on painting as soon as possible. 

There is something exhilarating about painting something that will change as you work, about trying to capture a specific moment in time on the canvas. Flowers can die right before your eyes, as I experienced one time when painting hydrangeas; I watched them droop as I painted, giving me even more drive to try and capture these beautiful, frail, things before they were gone forever. I aspire to create art that is beautiful and evocative, the kind of works that force you to look at  and contemplate for a long period of time. I want my art to make people feel the beauty of what I've painted, to feel what I experienced when I first felt inspired.”

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